Delorean - Limbo

The edge between two feelings, the space between a yes and no, a universe that opens where there is nothing. The journey of a man traveling through that insignificant and vast space, and finally merging into it, becoming free.

Directed by Mau Morgó
Produced by O Creative Studio 
Executive Producer: Emilia Fort & Rafa Montilla Producer: Fiona Vidal-quadras
Dop: Elías Martínez Félix
Postproduction Coordinator: Yukio Montilla Service Production Company: Dune Films Line Producer: Ahmed Abounouom Production Supervisor: Sana El Kilali Production Coordinator: Nabila Samih
Fixer: Hafid Boumashouli
Title Design: Affaire
Drone: Youssef Himi
Shot at Atlas Studios