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A wet night of September, we all met in the forest, and collectively gave birth to this baby. Words feel short when describing what happened, but the feeling will last forever. Lu described it beautifully: The video for ‘Love & Validation’ gave us an opportunity to reveal different kinds of deep longing for human connection and physical presence especially within expressions of eroticism. With the world slowly and awkwardly opening up, we’re still trying to find our way through the woods of isolation towards one another in order to hold and fill these spaces of erotic expressionism.

Moving Images
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W 2022
Vladimir Cauchemar + Shlømo
De Aquí no Sales
Tornado Ex Machina
The Visible Net
All Eyez on Me
Kelsey Lu + Boys Noize
Love and Validation
Oso Leone
Gallery Love
James Blake
James Blake ft Rosalia
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Moving Images